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Our demolition breakers. A 50-year story

Socomec S.p.A. was founded in 1972 and was the first company in Italy to manufacture hydraulic breakers.

We were founded as a hydraulic breaker manufacturer, but over all these years of business and study, we specialized in providing our customers with all demolition attachments at 360°: crushers, pulveriziers, sorting grabs, vibrating plates and a great new product for the demolition world, the Vibrating Ripper.
In these almost fifty years of activity we have always developed our technology in breakers with significant innovations and patents. In 1997, as first company on the market, we manufactured the all in one piece breaker, a single monoblock body made from a forged steel bar, creating a range of eight monoblock breakers from 50 to 740 kg which immediately became our great strength and our hallmark on the market.

Breakers and rippers

But Socomec was not satisfied. Given the great success of the monoblock breaker, Socomec has decided to expand its range.

Today, thanks to the purchase of special manufacturing machinery, overcoming the problems related to the processing of large monoblock components, Socomec, once again first before any other company on the market, is able to provide monoblock breakers obtained from forged bars up to the weight of 3000 kgs and soon also up to 4000 kgs.
Parallel to the breaker product technology, in these years Socomec has also developed Vibrating Ripper technology, once again first on the market and for now the only Italian manufacturer of such product. The Vibrating Ripper, in contrast to the demolition breakers which break by impact blows, demolishes by vibration. Such advantages as, lower noise level, possibility of pulling, on the suitable soils or not particularly hard, or even hard but with fractions, increases the productivity of a breaker of the same category by three to four times.

Easy maintenance

To present Socomec, we present our work, which has always been at the service of the customer’s needs.

Both Socomec Breakers and Rippers have been studied with the same objective: to give reliability, strength and safety to those who work with them and to facilitate any maintenance. The Monoblock Breakers maintenance is actually very simple and fast. For disassembly and replacement, even for non-experts, it takes maximum two hours for small breakers and very little more for large ones. The same principle applies also for the Ripper, the whole hydraulic part is visible, only four bolts to be removed to disassemble the product.
Every Socomec product can work in all positions, forward, upward, suspended and even underwater.

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